A Recent Revelation

I’ve been gung-ho and hustling since I started my business in 2018 but I realize I’ve made a mistake. The mistake I made was that I was so focused on the business that I didn’t do a critical first step. I didn’t invest in myself first. Specifically my health.

I’m not super obese, but I’m on the cusp for my age and height. I don’t believe in the flawed BMI scale, but every nutritionist uses it, so it tells me I’m overweight. I am overweight. 

Furthermore, looking at the food I’ve eaten over the last week; the last month. It’s shameful. I know they weren’t the most healthiest choices. Something triggered me to stop today and write about it and reflect on what happened and what will change.

Health is Wealth

An important point that many spiritual and self-help gurus tend to leave out of their speeches, courses, and discussions is how a healthy mindset requires a health body.

It is a fact that your mood and mental state rely on chemical processes and hormones in your body. Your body is a balanced ecosystem that needs proper nourishment and exercise in order to ensure a proper hormonal balance. In fact, studies have found that you’re more likely to be anxious and depressed when you’re obese [link].

We’re often bombarded with inspirational quotes or Ask GaryVee soundbites that tell us we need to hustle and work our asses off all night to get ahead and make it. However there’s one important fact that often is left out; that is, money does not determine how wealthy you are, because in reality, your most valuable asset is time.

Money does not determine how wealthy you are, because in reality, your most valuable asset is time.

Time affords us to do the activities we love to do. Be with the people we love to be with. Work toward fulfilling our purpose.

We all know a genetic lottery determines our time on Earth but there are many actions we can do to help prolong our lives. Obeying laws, staying out of a shooting war, and doing good for others are some of these. But the one we often overlook is the one that matters the most; living a healthy life.

Maintaining our health is the main contributor to our real wealth. The healthier life we live, the better chances we have to live a longer life, affording us the ability to do more with the time we have.

Repeat after me, Your Health is Your Wealth. Your Health is Your Wealth.

Taking a Step Back To Move Forward

It’s difficult for someone like myself, a driven person, to realize that sometimes we have to stop and take a step back in order to move forward.

In this case, I’m going to have to stop focusing on my business and all it’s many facets for a while and instead focus on my health. Being healthy is more important to me than any business or financial wealth. It’s an important goal driven by my purpose.

I have to think, would I want to be fit and able to run around with my son when he’s playing baseball, or chasing money, working 80 hour weeks trying to build a business?

Mindsets change once you have the responsibility of growing a family with children.

A Path Forward

It’s not going to be easy. I’ve been down this road many times. Life, demands from the family for my time, and evening schedules can get in the way of a fixed exercise schedule. However this time, I’m going to try a new approach. I’m going to ask for help and expect that my transformation will require commitment and support from my family.

I’ve created a Health is Wealth category on this website which is where I’ll be writing weekly about this transformation.

I’m going to try and use my YouTube channel and perhaps IGTV for a visual account of the progress. I hope you all will follow me and my healthy lifestyle transformation and inspire you to do the same with me. 

If you’ve invested in yourself and have had success, leave a comment below and let me know what you did and how it helped you. If you’ve had issues getting started, write in the comments below too. I’d love to hear what your problems are. Perhaps we can solve them together.

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Gleaming The Journey Podcast – Episode 002 – Your Health Is Your Wealth






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