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Let’s get something straight from the start. There is no exact formula for creating a desire to succeed. There’s always going to be something that at some point will deplete your willingness to get motivated.

That being said, the number one cause for inaction towards success is in my opinion fear.

As a wise Yoda once said:

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to misery.

The fear of not being able to succeed, complete a project, or causing irreparable harm to one’s finances has most of us convinced that we cannot do what we want to do on our own as an entrepreneur. The fear of not being able to pay the bills if we quit our day job to pursue our dream is usually a big one. That fear leads us to stay in a safe place, usually still working for someone else and it’s understandable for some in today’s job market. But that fear… and the inability to act grows inside us…  and leads to anger. Angry that we’re not doing what we want or being who we want to be in life. That leads perhaps to a “hate” of the work that we do and eventually the misery we endure at a job where we know we may be under-appreciated or working on things that prevent us from awaking each day with blinding inspiration.

Someone I trust once said:

Be crazy. Get out of the rut and do something different. Just leap.

I however would add the following disclaimer: If you jump, there’s a launch velocity you need that cannot be achieved without a desire to soar.

Which leads me to my conclusion. Desire, is at the core of anyone that achieves success. It is the number one destroyer of fear. The level of desire has to be all-encompassing. Simply stating “boy won’t it be great when I succeed” is not enough. Your need to succeed must be like a need for air to breathe.

I WILL DIE if I do not succeed!

That level of dedication can be found in those who have nothing to lose.

I do not advocate quitting your job tomorrow without any sort of direction, financial plan, or safety net in place. If you have a secure day job, make sure you have about twelve months of total expenses saved in the bank  so you can at least survive with little or no monthly income coming in while you build your business. If you’re without a job now, then you already have a financial motivator to have the burning desire to succeed at whatever you put your mind to. Focus on that goal, plan, and act. With your new-found burning desire of success you will meet your goal.

Lastly, we must not forget that your family must be on board with your desire to succeed. Many relationships are strained early on when wives and husbands are working long hours away from the family building their business. The family should not be neglected but they should know that without hard work, extra hours nurturing the business, your dream will not be actualized. If they truly care about you they will give you space to grow your business. Now get off the computer and go give your loved ones a hug!

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