This site is all about helping others. In doing so, from time to time, I’ll review a product from a company that I may have an affiliate relationship with. Affiliate marketing is nothing to be ashamed of and is a great source of income, but I believe that we should all be transparent about these affiliations so that you have full disclosure when making a decision about a product I may be talking about.

My goal here is to help educate through discovering what works and what doesn’t during my own journey. However, please understand that this website is in fact also a part of that business journey and in the end it too shall be used as a for-profit enterprise. You should absolutely do the same with your own websites unless your goals  are more altruistic.

It is my promise to let know you via the blog post, pages, articles, e-mails, e-books, and other means of communication if I have any financial or personal affiliation with the company or product that I am describing, reviewing, or promoting to you. I would expect the same from others.

I’ve modified this blog to automatically mark a link with a green dollar sign like this  when it is an affiliate link. This is a great way for me to stay on top of this promise to you of full disclosure.


As I become an affiliate with a company and/or product, I will add that affiliation information to the list below. This should be the primary source of all my affiliations through this website so do come back to this table as a reference if you are concerned.

JungleScoutJungleScoutReferral Links
Amazon AssociatesAll including but not limited to individual products, books, Audible, and other Amazon related services.Referral Links
eBates Referral ProgrameBates PluginReferral Program
NameSilo Referral ProgramDomain NamesReferral Links
BlueHost Referral ProgramWeb HostingReferral Links
TubeBuddyTubeBuddyReferral Links Web AppReferral Links
PrintfulPrintful Web AppReferral Links

* Please note, some of these are affiliate links.