To dare is to lose one’s footing momentarily. To not dare is to lose oneself. – 


Welcome Gleamer to Gleaming The Journey.

My name is Rob Kennedy and I, like many of you, am an entrepreneur. I started Gleaming The Journey as a way to record my journey through planning, starting, and growing a successful business. I want to share with everyone the journey; my thoughts, insights, and data so that hopefully you too can glean insight as well as optimize your business and life.

When something gleams, it shines brightly.

It’s my intention to have this community shine with a wealth of information to show that anyone with the right mindset and tool set will be successful as an entrepreneur.

I call our community members “gleamers.” We are all dreaming of a better future and know that with hard work and the right mindset, we can make our dreams a reality.

More About Rob Kennedy

The artist at workI’ve had the entrepreneur bug since I was a little kid. If it wasn’t selling my grandmother’s tomatoes with my sister on the side of the road it was buying and trading (or selling) baseball cards.

In high school I fell in love with computers and I chose a career path in software development. Early on I was already planning to be the next Bill Gates and was writing and selling software. I started businesses building and hosting websites (Having a T1 in your house during the early 2000’s was a pretty cool thing), selling aftermarket automotive parts via e-commerce, or starting a media content company with my best friend from high school.

I eventually married and started a family, moved into a great home, and continued my career working for other people. With expenses growing and being a single-income household, my inner entrepreneur started calling, looking for ways to get extra income without sacrificing a large amount of my time. With a family, that is so valuable to me, and I needed to make sure that the business I did start would not take over my life.

My Primary Motivation

At this point in my life, my family is the primary driver for me to do everything I do. I want to make sure they’re well taken care of today and in the future. It’s a core driving motivator for me and it’s what I rally to when I start to feel down or unmotivated. Trust me, we all get those days, but as I wrote here on how to get motivated, you need to rally around a core belief to keep driving you forward toward success. You’ll hear a lot about my desire to succeed for the sake of my family. I hope you have found a core motivator to rally around.

It’s Never Too Late

If you haven’t started a business, are just curious about the idea, or you’ve started one but would like to reach out and learn more (that’s great), you’re not alone and not too late to start gleaming your journey. This website is a way for us all to experience the process and journey together and I hope you all find great value in the content presented here. Spend some time exploring the Start Here page to get a general overview of what it takes to start a business with tips and tricks to launching your very own online business.

Be sure to create an account and join the community. I look forward to hearing from you through feedback on the website.

Rob Kennedy

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